The Future of Personalized Medicine is Here!

It is time for a change in how prescription drugs are chosen. Blue Genes is an app-based tool that enables you to choose the right drugs for you based on how the drugs interact with each other and how the drugs interact with your specific biology.

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Personalized Medicine - One Size Does Not Fit All

Blue Genes is the first program that considers both drug-drug and gene-drug interactions in suggesting the best drug(s) for the patient.


Study of genes affect your body’s response to prescription drugs. Having your pharmacogenetic information available allows for personalized medication plans, less risk of adverse drug reactions, and reduced costs for patients and providers

One-Time, At-Home Test

Personalized, user-friendly testing kit shipped directly to Participants. Blue Genes analysis will tell you which prescription drugs are safe for you. Tests for both genetic incompatibility and drug-to-drug interactions.

An App for Both Patients and Physicians

Blue Genes comes in two versions: one for the patient and one for their physicians. The app enables the patient and all their physicians to access and coordinate healthcare so that communication regarding treatments is shared between all providers of the patient’s care.

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