Claims, Recovery & Subrogation Services

Flexible service options driven by client needs, innovative methods to identify more opportunities and master applicable laws, yielding results unmatched by anyone else


Subrogation & Third Party Reimbursements

Members enjoy attorney consultation, considered throughout the industry to be the most innovative leaders practicing today.

Overpayment Recovery

Regardless of the cause, excess payments are pursued by overpayment recovery specialists. A team dedicated to recovering funds from providers understands the intricacies of the refund recoupment process, working towards unrivaled results.

Class Actions & Claim Recovery Services

Some opportunities are less obvious than others. Superior subrogation results are attributed to identification of more claim recovery opportunities and maximization of the funds recovered in each case. We always strive to produce ever improving results by innovating, and focusing on both our knowledge and technology.

Litigation & Attorney Retention

There are times when even the most skilled claims recovery specialists cannot secure reimbursement.  In those instances where litigation is absolutely necessary to recoup funds, options are presented and The Phia Group spearheads efforts to secure legal representation for their benefit plan client in the proper jurisdiction and venue.

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