Digital MSK Solution for Health Plans

Solve pain for your people with the only digital, clinical solution proven to be more or as effective as in-person physical therapy.

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Increasing healthcare equity and access—One member at a time

Sword offers every member access to a dedicated Physical Therapist, dynamic education and learning, and a program built just for them.

Digital Physical Therapy

Pairs human therapists with Sword Health's Digital Therapist. This combination is proven to deliver high-quality care that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Personalized Experience

Member-centered care plans are tailored to the individual's progress after each session by their PT. The connection built between the member and their PT drives program engagement and adherence.

Access and Convenience 

Members are provided access to convenient care without geographic, economic, and scheduling limitations. 48% of sessions occur after “business hours” and on weekends. PTs consistently check in to answer questions and provide motivation.

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