Self-Funded Health Plans Backed by the Benefits of Blue

A comprehensive, yet tailored, client-first approach to self-funded health plans. We’ll help you understand compliance requirements — specific to your business — so you can build a package that helps protect your plan and plan members


Approach to Self-Funding

Our strategy for self-funded health plans leverages the power of the Blue networks and value-based initiatives to target three key aspects of health care — Health Management, Plan Management, and Cost Management. Effectively balancing and optimizing these components helps enhance the experience of accessing care while working to improve health and lower costs.

Health Management

Independence Administrators can help plan members get healthy, stay healthy, and manage chronic conditions. Our clinical services team of registered nurses and trained health coaches uses claims analysis, biometric data, and personal health profiles to help develop interventions that best suit your population.

Plan Management

Our approach to health plan management emphasizes customer engagement. Through consultation, detailed reporting, and administration support, we help plan sponsors and their plan members navigate the complexities of accessing health care to help improve the overall experience.

Cost Management

We combine our clinical resources and customer engagement model to help design a plan that fits your population and business objectives. We then help you reduce costs by providing value through unique plan designs, network discounts, incentive programs, and risk management.

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